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Bent Tree

Westside Market Location: Midtown

Bobby, a woodworker, a retired builder and interior trim specialist; Daphne, retired from her design/flooring business; together they have reinvented themselves in designing and building unique heirloom pieces of furniture. Not only the furniture, but Daphne’s painting have become quite popular and can often be paired perfectly with a piece of Bobby’s furniture. 

Bobby and Daphne both love working together at their home in Weston, Georgia. A majority of their pieces are built from scratch utilizing reclaimed wood, and some are “brought back to life” or “revisited” with a thoughtful eye and specialized painting. Bobby and Daphne have a commitment to quality and ensure that all pieces are built to last. Daphne’s paintings are on raw canvas, stretched by hand, and all of the frames are built by Bobby. 

With retirement, they chose Westside Market. Excited and doing what they love to do, hopefully it will show in the pieces they present. Custom made furniture and art are available most of the time and can be delivered to Westside Market within 30 days. With an earnest desire to create and share their story.