How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent

Learn how to find a Good Real Estate Agent

No matter your real estate goal, it is important to learn how to find a good real estate agent. A good real estate agent will be able to assist in getting you a great deal, whether you are a buyer or seller. Also, good real estate agents will always be on the lookout for any type of shady deals. Like any profession, real estate agents are very competitive for your business, and unfortunately, some real estate agents will tell you anything to obtain your business.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help find a real estate agent who will be on the lookout for your best interest and to weed out the shady characters.

Introducing the Zillow agent finder

Screenshot of Zillow agent finder site, helps you learn how to find a good real estate agent by zip code

Zillow recently launched a free tool, called the agent finder. Zillow’s agent finder helps you solve the conundrum of how to find a good real estate agent. The tool works by entering your zip code, and a list of agents will be shown, filtered by ratings. All you need to do is visit the Zillow Agent Finder website, and enter your zip code. You should not use this information solely to find a real estate agent however.

Research Real Estate Agents found on the Zillow agent finder

While the Zillow agent finder is a good starting point to find a good agent, it should not be the only check. We all know fake reviews can be bought, and even the worst real estate agent can look great with some online polishing.

What we have done is enlisted the help of the Zillow agent finder to help us learn how to find a good real estate agent. However, we will also be doing some independent research to confirm the results.

Avoid Featured Agents

Zillow featured agents screenshot, highlighting the agents who paid for a listing.

You will notice after entering your zip code that Zillow will show “featured real estate agents” at the top of the page. Do not select any of these agents. These people are at the top only because they paid to be there. Instead, look for the most sales and most listings options.

Using the Zillow agent with most sales

For our test, we searched for a real estate agent in Los Angeles, CA. The agent with the most sales is “Pinnacle Estate Properties Inc”. Okay great, let’s look at the reviews, they all look perfect. Since they have the most sales, and great reviews, this is probably a legitimate real estate business. Now that we decided Pinnacle Estate Properties could be a good fit, we will now conduct additional research.

Conducting Outside Real Estate Agent Research

In our example, we will want to verify that Pinnacle Estate Properties is indeed a good fit for us.

The first thing we did is search Google for “Pinnacle Estate Properties + scam”. No results came back, so nobody has complained of any scam from Pinnacle Estate Properties on Google, a good sign.

Next, we will confer reviews with at least one other online source. We decided to use Yelp, and found that Pinnacle comes up clean, over 4 stars and many reviews. This is a good sign.

If you read all the reviews and are convinced that your selected real estate agent will be a good match, make sure to talk to them in person. Do not let them talk you into immediately signing any papers or finding properties right away. First, make sure you ask your agent some questions. The most important question you can ask is if the agent has extensive research working in your market, and price range. Also, if you plan on flipping a house, make sure the agent has experience dealing with house flippers.

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