Sapelo Oaks II.JPG

Linda Hanks

Westside Market Location: Toco Hill

Linda Hanks grew up in a small Southern town where I watched the art of painting at her mother’s knee. She watched her paint a large oak tree in winter and was in awe in her ability to make it look real. As I grew, music became an important part of her life with piano, clarinet, and saxophone being the avenue of concerts, jazz bands, and orchestras. She became interested in science and math in high school and decided that if she wanted to feed herself regularly, she should pursue one of those interests. She went to college, majored in microbiology, married, and worked in microbiology until her daughters were born. She raised her children, divorced, and in the process, discovered painting. For Linda, painting is a very spiritual endeavor and she approaches each piece with an eagerness to translate thoughts and feelings on canvas. Each time she enters the studio, it’s like going into a microbiology laboratory. She experiments with different approaches in starting a painting; color combinations, paint applications brush sizes, and brush types… depending on the subject. 

She moved to New York City in 2000 to study at The Art Students’ League with Michael Burban and others. Linda has also studied the figure with Nelson Shanks in his intensive workshops both in West Palm Beach and in his school in Philadelphia, PA.

Winning awards locally, regionally, and nationally has been very validating along with exhibiting with “The Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club” and “The American Artists Professional League” in New York City. Linda has been invited to participate in activities with the Atlanta High Museum of Art and the Columbus Museum in Columbus, GA. She is also a fellow member of “The American Artists Professional League”.