S. Eifrid


About S. Eifrid

As an astute observer and porous student of life in its many forms, S. (Suzie) Eifrid has produced a prolific body of work reflecting her unique perspective. A self-taught painter and multi-media sculptor, Suzie’s artistic engagement focuses on her highly personal and ever-evolving processes, both physical and emotional, leaving the outcomes to forge their own, naturally resultant paths. 

Her work is a realm in which frolic and finite coexist and exchange energies. The precision in her paintings entails carving hard edges that create the exacting appearance of printed material while at once exuding the mastery of her freehanded art form. With her sculptures, she is equally demanding and precise, initially evoking a sense of realism and subsequently embodying her forms with elements of mirth and enchantment.

At their core, the subjects of her work are jovial, engendering delight and inviting immediate fondness. Her greatest sense of accomplishment is witnessing her art’s effect on people, how it makes them happy, how it captivates them and brings smiles to their faces.

Suzie hales from a large and close-knit family that has been foundational to her professional and creative endeavors. Her home—a former dairy farm repurposed to sustain in its now-urban setting—is peppered with a collection of warm-blooded beings who act simultaneously as her constant companions and her muses.