Steel and Glass by Paul.jpg

Steel & Glass by Paul

Paul Smith naturally transitioned from one career as a chef, which appealed to the patrons senses, to another that’s visually and tangibly pleasing. Now, the only difference is you can’t smell his work, nor can you eat it. A lifetime of focus on attention to detail results in satisfaction for both Paul and the customer. This joy sustains his energy and creativity which only makes the day-to-day so much more pleasurable. He is always amazed by all forms of the arts inspiring him to experiment with colors, techniques, materials, and ideas pushing the boundaries to offer a unique product to enhance our daily lives. 

A one-of-a-kind custom made piece gives us something special to enjoy for many years to come. Paul has lived in many places here in the U.S. giving him a rich background in our many cultures. 

“May we all find what we are looking for and remember this, visualize it, create it, and be fulfilled.” - Paul Smith