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Showroom Spaces Available:

Single Spaces starting @ $299 up to Furniture Store Space. We also have Art Gallery walls for artists.

Why Westside Market?

Upscale Furniture Gallery is meticulously crafted with sleek sheetrock walls and illuminating spotlights, creating an ambiance of refined elegance.
Our dedication to strategic advertising and marketing is unwavering, evidenced by our substantial social media following, captivating billboards, targeted email blasts, paid online ads, and robust SEO tactics.
What sets us apart is our unparalleled flexibility—we empower our members to effortlessly adjust their space according to their needs, whether they seek expansion or consolidation. This adaptability, combined with our thriving foot traffic and online presence, ensures maximum exposure for our diverse range of offerings.
At Westside Market, we curate a captivating collection of products, spanning gifts, home decor, apparel, jewelry, furniture, lighting, rugs, art, vintage treasures, and eclectic finds. Membership is exclusive, with each vendor meticulously vetted to ensure that only the highest quality items grace our shelves.
Our vendors/members include enterprising entrepreneurs, furniture makers, interior designers, dedicated homemakers, antique dealers, photographers, local artists, and passionate hobbyists. Together, they form a vibrant community, drawn to Westside Market for its unique treasures and timeless inspiration.


At our core, we are passionate about logistics and continually strive to enhance our operational efficiency. Our primary goal is to streamline processes, facilitating seamless transactions for both our valued members/vendors and discerning customers.

Beginning at the heart of our operations, our warehouse team diligently receives shipments daily, ensuring a smooth flow of inventory. We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions for our members, which is why we offer convenient solutions that allow them to focus on their business without the need for constant oversight.

Introducing CLAIM (Clean-Lighting-Accessibility-Inspiration-Maintenance), our comprehensive standard for member spaces. This acronym embodies our commitment to optimizing every inch, creating uniquely curated environments that resonate with each customer. From cleanliness to ambient lighting, easy accessibility, inspiring displays, and meticulous maintenance, we leave no stone unturned in maximizing the potential of each space.

Ultimately, our aim is to foster an environment where every customer feels compelled to make a special purchase, thanks to the thoughtfully curated and meticulously maintained spaces within our establishment.

Benefits And What We Offer

  • Operating seven days a week

  • Premium retail locations

  • Short-term contracts available: 6 months followed by a month-to-month arrangement

  • Access to POS system available seven days a week

  • Turnkey store setup, welcoming customers from day one
  • Efficient inventory management system in place

  • Our dedicated team is passionate about sales

  • Enjoy earning 90% of your sales proceeds

  • One payment covers all your retail storefront expenses.

  • We handle sales tax collection and remittance to the government.

  • No personal guarantees or financial documentation required.
  • Move into a ready-to-go retail space without construction costs.

  • Enjoy VIP member/vendor benefits at 5% commission.

  • Recurring New Community events every week.

Our sellers saying

My business started from day one with already built in customers
Becky-TSDC , member since 2016
Westside Market is the place to shop! I have never left the store without some cool finds. I highly recommend visiting Westside for a unique shopping experience!
Kat Recinos, Booths #103 and #415 (A and B)
I love being a vendor at Westside Market. The staff is so helpful and cheerful! John is a pleasure to work with!
Tanya Carringham, Booth 401

Simple steps to join us

1- Apply

2- We contact you

3- Take a tour

4- Join our family