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Why Westside Market?

Ready to be your own boss? Create your ideal space for showcasing your products, and let us handle the rest! With a substantial social media following, our platform ensures your business receives maximum exposure. Benefit from our comprehensive advertising strategy, which includes billboards, email campaigns, SEO, paid advertising, and the powerful impact of word-of-mouth from our extensive following. Whether you need to expand or downsize, our flexible membership allows you to adjust your space at any time. Enjoy hassle-free operations with our all-inclusive services: utilities, a dedicated sales team, insurance, marketing, Wi-Fi, and daily shipping and receiving – all covered with just one payment. Even when you’re away, we continue to sell your products. Our store attracts a diverse clientele, with interior designers flocking in on weekdays and retail enthusiasts joining the mix on weekends. Join us at Westside Market and watch your business thrive!


We’re passionate about logistics and are continually seeking ways to enhance our services. Our top priority is streamlining the business process for our members/sellers and ensuring a seamless experience for customers looking to purchase your products. From the rear of our facility, our dedicated warehouse team receives your shipments daily, eliminating the need for your physical presence. We equip you with the necessary tools to prepare your product for display in your designated space, where our proficient sales team takes over to handle the selling. At Westside Markets, we operate by the acronym CLAIM, representing Cleanliness, Lighting, Accessibility, Innovation, and Maintenance. When you partner with us, you not only CLAIM your space but also CLAIM our customers, successfully selling your products to a broader audience.

Benefits And What We Offer

  • We’re open 7 days a week.

  • Prime retail locations.

  • We offer short term contracts, starts with 6 month then month to month.

  • Access your sales and portal 24/7.

  • Our spaces are upscaled, organized and well-lit furniture store.

  • Inventory Management System 24/7.

  • Our sales team LOVES to sell!

  • You’ll earn 90% of your sales proceeds.

  • One check pays your retail storefront including staff, utilities, marketing, insurance & more.

  • We’ll collect the sales’ tax and pay it directly to the state.

Our sellers saying

I love being a vendor at Westside Market. The staff is so helpful and cheerful! John is a pleasure to work with!
Tanya Carringham, Booth 401
My business started from day one with already built in customers
Becky-TSDC , member since 2016
Westside Market is the place to shop! I have never left the store without some cool finds. I highly recommend visiting Westside for a unique shopping experience!
Kat Recinos, Booths #103 and #415 (A and B)

Simple steps to join us

1- Apply

2- We contact you

3- Take a tour

4- Join our family