Frequently asked questions


Everyone is welcome to buy from Westside Market, Retail Customers, Interior Designers, Movie sets, Dealers and more.
Everything we sell is off the floor, what you see is what you take home with you.

Almost everything we sell is off the floor except for some products that could be ordered like drapes or certain size dining tables, it vary from store to store

All Sales Are Final.
Each store offers a list of 3-4 local delivery companies who are licensed and insured, have great reviews and ratings with our customers.

vendors / Members

“Westside Market is a vibrant creative community of unique shop’s carefully curated to offer a diverse range of high-quality products. Each shop, owned by independent entrepreneurs often referred to as members, occupy a dedicated space within our store, allowing them to personalize their space. Members are assigned a unique identification number, which they affix to their merchandise tags, alongside pricing details and a brief description of each item.

Our customers have the delightful opportunity to explore hundreds of these charming small shops all conveniently housed under one roof in our local community. When they decide to make a purchase, they simply bring the item to our front register. Our dedicated staff then scans our members tags into our efficient Point of Sale system. This process ensures that the respective member receives proper credit for the sale. Members can easily access their daily sales data by logging into their accounts.

At the end of each month, Westside Market issues a payment to each member, calculated as their total sales revenue minus the applicable charges.

One of the exceptional features of Westside Market is that members don’t need to be physically present at the store to facilitate sales. All they need to do is set up their shop space, tag their merchandise, and let our dedicated team take care of the rest. This approach allows individuals to launch a new business and showcase their products without the stress and expenses associated with establishing a brick-and-mortar store. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to maintain a day job while simultaneously running a shop within our community. We’ve even had success stories of members who were so satisfied with their experience that they transitioned from their day jobs to become full-time members, expanding their presence in all our locations.”

Our pricing structure consists of a monthly marketing fee for the chosen space, alongside a modest commission fee. For detailed information regarding these charges, we recommend discussing your specific needs with our store manager. They will provide you with all the necessary details and answer any questions you may have.

Our contracts are 6 months and automatically renew unless you give a notice to cancel.

We carefully review all the applications in our database to determine the best-suited candidate for the available space. Our selection process takes several factors into consideration, including the size and location of the space, the uniqueness and quality of the items to be sold, the visual appeal of the shop, and the experience and background of the shop owner. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that each chosen member is aligned seamlessly with the specific space we have to offer.

  1. It includes all utility bills (electricity, water, gas, internet, alarm).
  2. It includes full time staff to sell your products 7 days a week.
  3. it includes all marketing materials (Social Media, SEO-Google, Email Marketing, Print Ads, TV ads & PR).
  4. It includes showroom space
  5. Warehouse Staff
  6. Workers Compensation
  7. Sales Team
  8. Store Manager
  9. Accountings
  10. Annual Business Licence to operate
  11. 24 Hours POS system
  12. Liability & Property Insurance
  13. Inventory Control

No, unless you are offering a product that is not sold currently at the store and member is expressing interest in a large space with big inventory investment, please check with your store manager.

In most cases no, but its also based on the county the store operates in, please check with your store manager.