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Join the Westside Market Community as a Seller! Are you a vendor with unique products that deserve a spotlight? Become a part of our vibrant marketplace and showcase your creations to a diverse audience of shoppers. At Westside Market, we value creativity, quality, and innovation. As a seller in our community, you’ll have the opportunity to share your brand’s story and connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate distinctive craftsmanship. Whether you specialize in furniture, home decor, vintage items, or other exceptional products, we welcome you to be a part of our dynamic family. Experience the support and exposure that Westside Market offers to vendors, and embark on a journey of growth and success.

Why Westside Market?

Unlock Opportunities with Westside Market! Ready to take charge of your own business? Joining Westside Market as a seller means becoming your own boss, with the support of a thriving community. We bring you a world of benefits:

πŸ›οΈ Amplified Reach: Leverage our extensive social media following, billboard presence, email campaigns, SEO, and paid advertising to showcase your products. Word-of-mouth marketing is our hallmark!

πŸ’Ό Flexibility and Growth: Adapt your space as needed within your membership period. You’re in control of your footprint and your journey.

πŸͺ All-Inclusive Services: Enjoy hassle-free operations. With one check, you cover it all – utilities, insurance, marketing, Wi-Fi, and daily shipping and receiving. We’re your one-stop solution.

πŸš€ Selling, Simplified: Our team manages your products even when you’re not around. Your items find buyers while you focus on your craft.

πŸ‘₯ Targeted Traffic: Benefit from footfall, whether it’s our weekday interior designers or weekend retail shoppers. Your products will find their way into the hands of appreciative customers.

Effortless Logistics: Logistics matter, and we’ve got you covered. Our streamlined approach ensures smooth operations:

  • Shipments are received daily by our warehouse staff, no need for your presence.
  • Our sales team takes care of selling, letting you concentrate on creating.
  • Our CLAIM philosophy (Cleanliness-Lighting-Accessibility-Innovation-Maintenance) ensures your space is well-presented to potential customers.

At Westside Market, you’ll not only CLAIM your space but also CLAIM our community and customers, making your mark in the retail world. Join us for a partnership that empowers you to focus on what you do best – crafting exceptional products.

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