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Join artist Moira DeNinno for the “Putting the Pieces Together” collage class at Westside Market Toco Hill, Saturday, March 9 from 12-3pm in the back area of Westside Market Toco Hill.

Please call Westside if you’re interested in joining us: 404-941-9200

Bring your own supplies and create visual narratives from bits and pieces of paper castoffs and ephemera.

Suspend preconceived notions of how images should coexist.  Create your own stories and discover the endless possibilities for unlikely image pairings to make sense. We are going to play with proportion and scale, and create cohesion through color and shape.

Scissors and glue provided during the class, but we encourage you to bring in images and ephemera that inspire you.

Cost is $30 per person, and you can pay Moira directly when you arrive (not through Westside).

Before the class, empty junk drawers in your home, clear off desktops, or collect remains from previous craft projects.  Feel free to hit your local thrift stores, library book sales, or anywhere that you might find ephemera.

Suggested Materials To Bring: books, magazines, greeting cards, junk mail, old journal pages, receipts, paper doilies, paper scraps (craft, tissue, wrapping) rubber stamps and ink pads. Get creative and get excited!

If you have glue sticks, a craft knife or a pair of small mending/sewing scissors, feel free to bring those as well.

We hope you’ll join us!

**Event info is subject to change**

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